Sunset City

Okay, here is my first bigger project completed using Blender (only the lens flare and some minor adjustments have been done in Corel Photopaint). I always wanted to do a Coruscant-like megacity, and with instancing in Blender this was finally possible for me to a satisfactory degree. Hope you guys like it too :slight_smile:

looks like a lot of time went into this. good job overall :slight_smile: but i think some more work should be put into compositing.

Thanks. Yeah, I worked on this for several weeks. As for the compositing, I had set up some glare and blur nodes, but since this is a pretty big image (200% of 1080 HD size), the program crashed every single time I attempted to actually do compositing. Iā€™m also not really great at this to begin with :wink: