Sunset Field

This is a quick scene I just rendered, hope you enjoy. Comments and critique are welcome.

Update: added more flowers

Finished Render-

Here are several different sizes to use for desktop backgrounds


Nice !! but could you maybe make a little brighter ?

I would love a desktop version! Please post one! I would say maybe one or two slightly lighter cloud whisps that catch a bit more of the suns rays, and maybe slightly darker on the hill shadow. I think the flowers on the hill should definitly be a bit darker, they kind of look like lights. But honestly, it almost looks like a photo to me. Awesome job!

I’ve added desktop versions in the first post.

that is a fantastic scene - love the sky.

Looks good, but the hill is a little flat with that shadow on it. You might want to give that some better lighting.

The grass could be intregated better with the background as well. You can do that by using the depth buffer and the compositor to add some aerial haze. Doesn’t have to be much, just a little bit to make it look like there’s not a huge cliff behind the grassy field :slight_smile:

The haze could add even more definition to the hill as well (if you keep it behind the hill).

I’m also thinking it’s a bit empty…

Nice work, is the sky done in blender or is it a background?

The sky is actually a photo