Sunset forest


I made this scene to test out the new version of my addon, Alpha Trees, which I used to make and scatter the trees.

In total, it was about 5 hours of work time, with most of that being taken up with creating the procedural landscape with geometry nodes, and shading it almost fully procedurally.
There are around 1,000,000 individual tree particles in each frame, but despite that, it still renders in just 1m30s on my 4yo laptop GPU!

The full final product:

A winter version I made out of interest. All it really needed was to change a few sliders and to add an icy texture to the river:

The raw render:

A breakdown of the render:

I also made a time-lapse of the process, which you can watch here:

If you want to find out more about Alpha Trees, check out the thread here (Big new version coming soon :))
Hope you like it!


This looks great!
If you can tell me what is the render time and what do you have for a rig?


Just wow, can I have some tips for creating a smaller forest or land with normal grass? trying for a few days but couldn’t succeed.

Yeah, sure!
Here are some stats:
Blender version: 3.0 (with Cycles X)
resolution: 2500 x 1000
samples: 15
particles: ~1,000,000
render time: 1 m 30s
laptop: HP pavillion power 15
RAM: 16 GB
VRAM: 2 GB (The minimum recommended for cycles)

For the animation, to get rid of noise I turned up the samples to 40, which put the render time up to ~7 mins

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Cool! Thanks man!

Have you tried following some tutorials, there are some quite good ones for this kind of subject. This is the tutorial that really got me into making nature scenes:

It’s pretty old, and it uses 2.79, which isn’t great, but almost all the theory for making nature scenes still works. It’s long, but it’s worth a watch.
Otherwise, the only tips I could give would be to always use more particles than it looks like you need in the viewport, and that good compositing is one of the most important things to make it look good.
Sorry if that’s a bit vague, hope it helps!

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Hello,great work!

How were you able to get the mist pass ‘Super CLEAN’ without the ‘noise bug’.

In almost all of my big projects whenever i try to use the mist pass with transperancy
everything gets messed up(in the mist pass ofc).


Yeah, that’s a problem I had for ages as well, to fix it you can use this trick:

  1. Instead of using the mist pass, use the depth pass. By default, it has the full distance at every pixel, so to get a useable version, pass it through a normalize node to get it in a 0-1 range.
  2. Then, because it also has a lot of fireflies (but a lot less than the mist pass), pass it through a few despeckle nodes.
  3. I usually add one, play with the values until it removes the most noise, then add another one and repeat until the image is clean.

Then hopefully you get a clean mist pass!

1: normalized depth, 2: with despeckling

Hope that helps!


It works so well! Thank you so much!

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Ah, nice, I’m glad it helped!

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:open_mouth: Nothing more to say…

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Thanks a lot! :grinning:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh, wow, thanks Bart!

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