Sunset in Amsterdam

This is a render of Amsterdam and its channel with its buildings, The Grasshopper including 36 coffeshop and I think no longer exists.

Modeled in Blender, render in cycles ans photoshop postcompfor the contest photorealim Blender Guru

Material base

And the references are several various channels including this:

Hope you like it, Regards.

in Sketchfab

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Very nice scene ! Great work.

Thank you Roubal

Very kind and i glad you like it


beautiful scene, wish i could be there

Thank you penafore, i wish to be there too jeje

Nice you like it.


Cheers !

You can download the cannal whit all buildings and textures in Blendswap Here:

And The Grasshopper here:

Totally free, Hope you enjoy it !


is there Ton on image?

this link shows what Amsterdam is
to see real panoram just cross street

This is so beautiful, though water is not much realistic, the entire scene especially buildings were so great.

Thank you Nikitron and free3dart ,nice you liked


Most of it looks quite nice, the modeling and base texturing is good.
I think the lack of dirt kind of lets it down though. If you threw some dirt maps really on the buildings and walls, I think it would make it look a bit closer.
Otherwise, not bad.

Thank you Ewilde for you critic, glad you like it. yes as you say a dir maps on walls is a idea for a better final result, i will take not.

thanks and Regards.