Sunset in the forest

Hi to everyone! It’s time to share results of intense work :slight_smile: When creating this environment I was drawing inspiration from the paintings of the Old masters as well as works of Kevin Hill.



You’re #featured! :tada:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The lighting is gorgeous! The warm colors really make it feel like a summer sunset. How did you model the trees and the grass? Is that hand made?

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Thank you! It’s flattering :slight_smile: For the trees I used Mtree blender add-on with adjustments, and as for grass I modeled separate strands by hand and then multiplued it with the particle system.

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Can you post a version without bloom?
I hate this effect.

I’m still new to Blender and learning so much. I hadn’t heard of the Mtree add-on, will definitely try that out! Thanks!

The painting like soft toning and coloring works really well for the picture. :+1:

It’s interesting that the image thumbnail looks like painting but viewed in full size it’s clearly a rendered image. Some post processing work could mask that if desired.

One minor thing which I noticed is that the line between water and ground looks dry and could be darkened and softened a bit.

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Thank you! Actually, I wasn’t trying to make it look like real painting, I was looking for the impression of warm sunny sunset, but it’s interesting idea :+1:

Concerning the transition between water and ground - I fully agree, it could be better. It’s my second work in 3d and there is a loooot to learn :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

i love it Alona! the only thing that stands out a bit too much for me and i think could be fixed easily with weight paint or some add-on is the transition between grass and trail, maybe it gradually decreasing its size and density could look more natural since now it cuts a bit too rougly. It does not look bad at al i just think it could improve it! and maybe desaturating the greens a little bit without losing the warmth (that´s a personal preference i think) anyway fantastic composition, lighting and mood, great work!

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Thank you for comment! :slight_smile: :+1:

Great work, congrats.

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Thank you!!

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Is this by any chance follow up work after the udemy environments course?

I took the environment course and watched alot of tutorials earlier and it inspired me to creat my own environment scene. But the only thing I’ve used for this work from the environment course is the principle of grass creation (it’s cool :slight_smile: )

Hi Alona, great render. I had something very similar in mind but my renders turned out looking rather fake. Your’s look amazing.


Thank you! Well, for me it took a lot of time, setting up and rendered images to find what i wanted. Just keep trying and you’ll succeed :+1: