Super Blend (a Soda can)

I’m not completely satisfied with the way the liquid looks, and I want to do something else with the background.

C&C appreciated.

One thing that is missing is the meniscus. That is the tiny curved ring around the edge of the liquid where it meets the glass. All liquids do it to varying degrees due to surface tension. It would be barely noticeable at the scale of your image, but a slight gleam highlight might go a long way to make it convincing. You also need to make the liquid translucent (though the ‘translucent’ button is not going to do exactly what you want) so that some amount of light passes through it- unless ‘super blend’ is made from used motor oil.

I think your glass material needs some work too.

The can and wood texture are very nice.

To try and get that liquid effect
use fluid dynamics and drop a cyclinder in your glass as a fluid
and a cup where your glass is
then what ever fram is the right look
turn it to a mesh make that material for the liquid and glass
raytracing reflect and transparent
add a little IOR for the liquid and glass
it looks great
good job
keep tweeking it

i can so relate… im working on some wine bottles and i cant get the liquids material settings to look right either.

I dont know if i should be the person saying this… my rigs suck more than dyson… but if you build a better lighting rig… you may get a better render… also try using raytrans on the liquid with a big LOD

How would one go about making a slight gleam highlight?

Give your liquid a meniscus.

The attached image shows how to do what I’m talking about. It shows the liquid in a hidden glass. The curve on the top part of the liquid is the meniscus.

With proper lighting and materials, this curved part will give a specular gleam. It can be tricky to get right, and even when done perfectly the effect should be subtle, but it’s one of those magic little details that can make all the difference.


I’ll definitely try getting a good meniscus.

The table seems to shiney. Might want to think about the potential location you are in. Is it a new restaurant, is it on a bar, is it your local place that is dirty but feels like home. Right now it looks like the can of coke and glass are on a threatrical stage that has just recently been waxed. Which if that’s the look you are going for then congrats cause I really like the wood texture you used.

That about sums it up for comments. Really like the look so far.