Super Blender Galaxy (DEMO RELEASE!!!!)

@ahuri there is a contest going on. go cast a vote on ur favorite game.

Wow, Carlos!

I am really impressed. You are indeed worth to be called a winner. As it seems that you have the majority of votes on your game, I assume that you don’t mind if I give my vote to Sintel the Game - I can’t decide at all, but your prominence, professionalism and great results give me the reason to support at least one of the next places :slight_smile:

The thing about Nintendo is annoying. I wish you the best for your game not to be punished that much. But the point, torakunsama made, could really be true :slight_smile: The CEO’s must be p***** off very much, looking at your great game :slight_smile: Take care!

wow sick game love the colors… :eyebrowlift2:

You had my vote :C Sorry to hear about nintendo possibly getting butthurt, though its not my ‘type’ of game, I still think you had a winner with this ^^ Though I think if you put your mind to it, you could cetch back up for the contest with the content you could use from super blender galaxy for something less troubling about copyrights~ I’d be happy to help if you need any if the projectgets trashed, to get you back in the contest? C:

This game is really good! One of the most proffesional works done here that I can remind me of now. However, an recomendation would be to add shadows(baked or real time) to make it easier to see where to stand when you should be jumping. That’s the only critic that I can come up with, otherwise this game is very close to perfect!!

1st, Sorry to hear about nintendo… hope this can be solved…

Could you please release the main .blend which is equivalent
of your Win32 “SUPER_BLENDER_GALAXY.exe”
so I can give a try on my Linux machine !

Many thank’s

Yes ! Good Job ! What about a Linux release ?


Awesome Game! :slight_smile:

You deserve the first place.

Hey i’ve seen your youtube channel and i Love your game.
Its Really quite funny that it took one person to make this game while nintendo has a complete game team.
About nintendo… couldn’t you just replace the mesh for mario with a different one…similar but different?

I havent gotten to play this yet but do you have a script for gravity of individual astroids or anything like that?

btw this is what i’ve been working on if you wanna give it a look…lol

Saw the trailer, perfect Galaxy clone.
Any thoughts on tutorial on the making of “Super Blender Galaxy”?
I would love to learn how you did this.

Or you could take the chance and create something original since you obviously got talent!

Are any of the other projects so original? They are all ripoffs of some other game genre but with their own characters. You’r project I believe was more challenging because you had to work to make it feel like a Mario Game

@cuervo1003 Yes I already voted :wink:

Wow, this looks awesome O.o

Still, it would be great if you tried someting original. That might save (and have saved) you of a lot of troubles while still being amazing work.

wow looks like one amazing game. can’t wait to download it.

so i downloaded it and i’m not sure how to use it. if i open it with blender then blender crashes.

@ hanzo yea i did try my best to make it as colorful as possible.

@ manchester yea i was going to use the texture face shadow option, but
in some cases it would work. Also most the the materials were shadless
to save framerate. so buff shadows wouldt work either.

@waby38 All the blends are in the folder. so if u need the blends to
run it on linux they are there for the picking.

@petcson cool mario game. lol i wanted to do this with mine.
the main mario rig supports 2d sidescrolling already. just
needs to collide with an obj that has a “2D” property and that it

@CG_Tiger tutorials for this game would be to compicated.
Also would not be for the average user.

@Oeslian when it comes down to it all games rip on others
but add that twist is what makes them cool. I was going for
a clone of mario. I wanted to prove that its possible to recrate
a some what professional games in blender. Since everyone knows mario
i felt it was a good refrence.

@lightbulb SuperBlenderGalaxy/SuperBlenderGalaxy/SuperBlenderGalaxy
if it dont work try the level blends (puzzle_block3)

well this is what has happened. after i downloaded it, i went to the downloaded RAR file, i clicked on it and it trys to open but needs a program to open with. i tried blender but it dosn’t work, blender just crashes, any help would be appreciated.

does this not work with windows 7 or something? i don’t even see a zip or unzip option.

hmm… looks like i need to download a program to open .rar files. so could you maybe put the demo in a different format? i really don’t like downloading random programs. maybe just a compressed .zip file would work.