[Super IO] Copy Paste to batch import/export blend file/model/images(with custom config)

SPIO is a blender addon that allow you to copy and paste to import models and images.

Currently we can not drag and drop to import model in blender, but with this addon, you can easily copy your model/Image in your File Explorer, then paste in blender with just one click/shortcut !

Import & Export model / image never so easily in blender before.

Main Feature

  • Copy and paste to import model/images (win/mac)
  • Copy and paste to export model (win only, mac need to be test)
  • Image import as nodes (geo tree, shader tree ,comp tree)
  • Image editor export file/pixel (win only)

Advance Feature

Documentation (How to Use)
Chinese Document
English Document (WIP)

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DownLink: Github

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