Super Mario - Monster Revenge

hey, a quick game I made.

Youtube video here:
Download link :

There may be several bugs and glitches, but should be still quite fun :slight_smile:

Tell me if you want to see more levels, which level do you like the most and how do you like the game overall.
If you find any problems (anything doesn’t work), then please tell me.

Looks really good, you got some great ideas there. Keep it up :yes:.

I like the general idea… nice work!

Its a bit bloody, very opposite of the real Mario game but I think this is one of the best version. :slight_smile:




I have seen your youtube video. It looks awesome and impressive. You have done a great job. Keep it up.

nice Job =D

It’s fun. I really like the main menu and the enviroment. :smiley: Could you make the characters actually animated? Could you find a way to make it so thay can’t kill you in 1 second(I got stuck and one bounced off me real fast and killed me really quick). Of course, you might not be working on this game any more so these are just things you could consider in the future.

Nice job. Seems like Mario will be around for ages.

198 MB?!!? Is that only for the Blend file or there other things included in the Zip?

not bad.but you should add more animation.but is nice

Why isn’t he animated!?

exelent jhajhajhaja

Excellent! I saw this video before! The game is really amusing! Haha~

your youtube video is really nice and i appreciate your work and whatever you want to say nice work.

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I’d be interested if I wasn’t running out of bandwidth…

Where did you learn to model mario?

nooo…u killed me inside…

Its really a cool game…