Super "Maya Style" Keymaps, Now with Bmesh Knife support.

jinchoung, im having the same troubles with importing the file on official blender builds as well…

it works if you use a build from graphicall, or an offcial buildbot build… (not sure why)

Im not a programmer or anything,
but i think they must have changed something code around or something…

here is an image of how the lasso works its under 3d view…

the top one is select the bottom one is deselect.


I’ve been trying to make use of this script.
It all works fine for me except 1 issue that seems to be happen right after I use it with the “shift” key.

The scenario is like this. usually when we select with left click. whenever we click on a new vertex it’d deselect the last selected vertex before selecting the new vertex.
If we hold shift and click the new vertex while the last vertex were active. it’d be added to the selection (multiple selection).
it works correctly with no multiple selection on by default before I press the “shift” key.
Right after I’ve pressed it the shift key are almost like stuck permanently.

can this be fixed? I’m surprised that no one bring this up.
Cheers and thanks for sharing this great config.

It’s unfortunate that it stopped working since 2.64 (with some bug) and worked even worse in 2.65. I’ve took the matter to myself and have made some adjustment to the original script to made it work the way that it should.

Link for the script

Link for the missing instruction

Youtube Video

credits goes to holyenigma74

Thank you for this and for putting the time in to keep it relevant.