Super Meat Boy

Just a tribute to one of the best games out there! :yes:
I hope you guys will like it. Will be awesome to read some critics and points to improve.:smiley:

Trees were made by following a tutorial of PigArt - so thanks for teaching the awesome technique.

love it! may I ask what your settings for the grass are?
I love how this looks like a real collage / sculpture, the cartoon look to it

Colors on this are fantastic, kudos on the grass especially!

Bravo! it has such a Play-doh via Little Big Planet like vibe to it. Congrats!

Hi, glad you liked it, thanks!

The grass is a simple mesh, made of about โ€œ3 seperate grasessโ€(not sure if I can say that in English:rolleyes:), with a simple diffuse(each have different color), then used as particles.