Super Metal Gear Sunshine

sooo after my fat clown i finally started a new project aside from boredom-modeling and speedies…
i wanted to mix Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine, hence the title.

but as it seems i wont have that much time for blendering next 2 weeks but i’ll try to keep this going.

uvlayout with live transform, texture with blender texture paint and mouse -_-

btw.: does anyone know how to setup a serial aiptek tablet in linux/ubuntu? dont want to go back to windoze :frowning:

hm… yeah enough talking:

let me hear whatcha think :smiley:

lol very nice.

i guess the modeling was shorter than for the clown :D.

i don’t really know how the mario looks like but it looks for sur like solid snake


more texture paintin… i hate painting with mouse :(((

I personally would rework the hand. The mesh looks identical to one of the hands I modeled for something I’m working on. Just change the proportions a little.

This is a great idea. Is it going to be a game? Or just a series of renders?

Keep it up!