Super new to blender

So as it says, I’m new and playing around with blender its very fun. I’m kinda cheating by bring Makehuman models into blender then editing them. Now for the noob question. I get to edit mode try and rearrange the face but the sculpting stays put. Can I delete the sculpting and start fresh with the mesh? Thanks for the help

I am not sure, the only thing I can think of is there might be a shape key interfering. check to see if it has any shape keys, and if it does, just apply or delete them.

Depends on how you did the sculpting. If you sculpted on the mesh without creating a multires modifier then the sculpting is ‘permanent’ in that it’s just like editing the mesh. However if you created a multires modifier and subdivided, then sculpted, all you need to do is delete the modifier and the sculpting will be gone.