Super Nintendo

I then used this scene to explore the box modeling technique that I believe I should use more … I think thousands of Super Nintendo consoles have been modeled, but I find it as an e-mail, everyone has the right to make your own :slight_smile: . Was 9 hours, over four days. Rendered with the Cycles.

Here in high resolution

Thank you for your attention!

My portfolio. See galery page:

Nice! :slight_smile: I can’t recall my Super Nintendo looking like that with those blue buttons on the console but maybe it did, I haven’t seen it in a long time :smiley: Anyways, very realistic look. GJ!

If you didn’t tell me you made this, I would have thought you took a picture!
Great job! :slight_smile:

PS: I still have my Super Nintendo! Works great! :smiley:

I can’t spot any flaw. My compliments, awesome work.

Thanks for the comments

The most important is that the intention of studying the modeling dox worked, almost everything was done from 3 cubes. The exercises will help me a lot in future work.

Zander, the author always sees some flaws :slight_smile:
I should have done better text of the power and reset switches of the console…

Looks great. I had that game when i got the system too.

good model, boring lighting.

Thanks for coments guys!

Kemmler… sorry if the lighting was “boring” for you, but I think you’re right, i must improve it

Ah, good times! I played the EU version which casing was soooo different!

Modeling wise it looks good with right amount of details but I have some C&C for you: :slight_smile:

  • multi-directional pad seems a bit flat, center is too wide and it should be a bit more blocky too (reference).

  • console: edges should be rounder; front (controller connectors) should be a lil bit more curvy ; piece where you insert cartridges should not be as high (reference) ; there is a little hole on the front right which I sorta distinguish, not sure it’s there.

  • materials could do with more work: case is too grey and cables are too black and reflexive.

So: good model but there are some quite easy to fix “mistakes” which would make your model closer to the real thing.

I consider all your suggestions and will try to make the best possible
The small hole on the front right is there lol

Spectacular! Consoles just aren’t what they used to be :frowning:

Amazing model and texture work! Looks very real… Although I think the buttons were a different color if I remember correctly.

lighting may be boring, but it produced a very photorealistic render. Looks like shot from a real camera.

Very good model, great choice for a game too. :wink:

I only think the case should be yellow… :wink: