Super Wu-man's arch nemesis

What is born of boredom you ask? Why, Super Wu-man’s sworn enemy.


sworn against Super Wu-Man. he enjoys long walks on the beach, shops at Big and Tall, and his feet stick out at opposite angles.

not very detailed yet, made him in about 20 minutes in illustrator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be better without anime eyes. =/

maybe it should have overalls and a shovel!!!

valarking: yeah, i was thinking about changing them to just slits… straight up chinese, you know?

jeepster… yes, shovel… and maybe some spades tucked into the socks, just in case.

Get rid of the eyes and I’ll support him completely.

Jeepster, out of all of the things to be obsessed with why a shovel?

why not???

@Jeepster: hmmm,. maybe you should switch to dragons?..

Nice lua… :wink:

dragons? yeah right!
I’m not extremely obsessed like CD was, It just seems that way because I find the idea of tossing a shovel at someone is very amusing…

Then you need to be confined to an asylum for the safety of others.

As for the arch-enemy, I don’t think he really has any character. In order to defeat wu-man a character has to have at least as much character as wu-man himself does. Maybe a Cyborg-Dragon Man?

I always thought that Super Wu-Man was his own arch nemisis… You know, the WHOLE package.

plantperson: aye, he hasn’t much character yet. I think I will add some suspenders, and you give me an interesting idea with the dragon thing… a dragon head… coming out of the butt of his trousers… i like it… we’ll see…

will be changing the eyes soon. rest assured, this guy will be scary once he’s done. a WIP villan. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember correctly, wasn’t Sago the nemesis of Super Wu-Man?

yeah sago was orginally the nemisis of super wu-man then everyone found out he had women genitals and basically he was three pounds of crap in a one pound bag, and that just wasnt cosher…

so now lua wants to challange super greatness, so yeah, if you guys want to know how the story ends, we all find out that lua is also three pounds of crap in a one pound bag, just like sago, and that the super greatness we all know as wu-man can never be defeated.

cause the only thing that could hurt wu-man is to lose his good looks and stop getting chicks, but scince we know thats never going to happen we can all just rest easy tonight, and wait for the big fat jolly man to fill our stockings with three pounds of crap in a one pound bag, whoohooo


this thread is LOCKED

swm: hey man, if you can’t handle the heat, you shouldn’t be a super hero. this isn’t spam, so i doubt it will be locked… if you want to back down from a challenge, that’s your right, i guess. :slight_smile:

vk: i dunno, all i knew was that sago was doing a bunch of swm art. didn’t get a look at it.

Ok YOu can be an archnemesis but you’ll have to g othrough me first. I’m his sidekick.

Btw what ever happened to nerd rangler, Wu?

it needs to be everything Anti-wu
maybe he needs an anti-cape - maybe a poncho

just out of curiosity, what happened to Cyborg Dragon? He was spending every waking moment bashing Wu-man one moment, and then I blink and he’s gone… did he get b&?

Sorry Alltaken but can I quick answer this guy’s question?

I’m still here, but I’ve been asked not to post in News & Chat and the Off Topic forum because I keep getting threads locked.

Alltaken said so himself.