A thought struck me!

“This spelling is used, jocularly or seriously, to try to avoid being sued by the NFL, when trying to associate places, events and products with the Super Bowl without acquiring a license first.”

In mind, a thought worth a penny - in heart, a wealth for the human kind.
Welcome to the open source philosophy - share & be shared… :wink:

Were you at the back of the queue when sense of humour was being assigned?

It’s a play on words made into an image in a particular style, nothing more.

see "the colbert report "

but not 100% sure if he “invented” that or not

Duh, obviously… Might be funny if i landed just yesterday on your M.A.G.A. planet and in the process been struck by loss of brain cells :stuck_out_tongue:

get to know sarcasm :wink: