First time to model a car 100% from scratch. Just in the very beginning stages.
thanks for looking and comments welcome.

one more view

Is this gonna be a toy imitation of a supercar?

Very minor additions, just working on it here and there. If it does look like a ‘toy’, what do i need to do so that it doesn’t?


I think the front and back makes it look like a toy. Sides look nice though.
Try to widen the rear elements like tail lights and redesign the front. Maybe smaller headlights and think a bit more interesting design for them. Add details like trims and panel lines so it would look more convincing.
Good luck!

Very ambitious project you started here, I think creating a car from scratch is a very difficult thing to do. :slight_smile:
You did a good job with the middle part.

To me it looks like the proportions seem a little bit strange.
Also the space between the wheels looks too wide.
Maybe look at this image to understand better what i mean:

Search for “car proportions” to see some more examples.

But I think my main critique point would be the bulky tail.
If you move the rear wheels closer to the doors, and improve the body flow from the roof to the rear.

Looking forward to see your progress, you’re doing a good job.
I always wanted to create my own car, but I am a little bit afraid of that :smiley:

New front end, trying to make it more aggressive and ’ grand tour ’ of sorts.
Thanks for the feedback, it’s always welcome.

" But I think my main critique point would be the bulky tail. "

Guess i have an affinity for curvy things with large tails… lol

Great modeling the looks are awesome just improve the front area of the car little bit more

new front and rear