Superimpose Animation over Real Surface

I apologize if this is confusing in any way. It probably will be EXTREMELY so, as I don’t really have the words to explain myself.
I’m not quite sure how to describe this; but I want to make a HUD kind of thing. I have a real sheet of glass that I’m holding that was captured by the camera. I want to use Blender to make it seem like a sort of tablet. I would like to superimpose an animation correspondant to where my fingers move. Assuming the animation itself is done, how can I take that and digitally pose it over the piece of glass? I would like the final product to look something like this (I really am not sure how to explain what I want, so I will show you.)


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Lots of tracking. And it’s best to use a prop with a green screen so you can key out your fingers when the occlude the surface. At least the new plane tracker feature will help you distort an image in the shape you want. I’m not sure how you could normalise the movement of your finger to recreate UI trajectories. I think you may have to key frame at least that part of the animation.

He mentioned a plate of glass, so I assume he want’s the tablet to be transparent. The problem with using a green prop is that you won’t be able to see through it. If the camera is fixed on a tripod and not moving you could shoot a clean plate first and then use that to fill in where the green tablet was.

If you decide to stick with the plate of glass, you’ll need to rotoscope a mask around your hand. Or you could shoot from behind the glass (actually from in front of the person, rather than looking over his shoulder.) Then you won’t need to rotoscope anything. Just leave enough border around the edge to accommodate the hand holding the glass.

I’m not sure how easy it will be to track the corners of a pane of glass. You may need to add some white tape to the corners for it to track. Make it look like it’s part of the display so you won’t have to worry about removing it.

ETA: I hadn’t watched the video before shooting. If you want it like the shot of the girl placing her arm in front of the large pane of glass, you’re going to need to rotoscope around her arm. You could use a green board, but you would miss out on the reflections in the window.

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