superman(new version)

illustration test- W.I.P
I am starting a complete new model.
I want it to look like that: (previous model rendered with blender internal+ digital painting overlay).


first sketch , using sculpting tools.
A more “Alex Ross” / golden age version.
I’ll try different ones.


working on the details.

Yes Alex Ross series on superman are very well done and i remember there is a good blueprint of the character.

Your sculpt is very close to the painting in my opinion. I like the subtle tension of the eyebrows.

Thanks a lot Benny_FLEX.

Just for fun:



Alex Ross likes to light Martian Manhunter in a manner that accentuates his impressive brow.

I think my version is still too human.

Love it!
Looks very good to me. You’ve got all the forms in there, silhouette and pose.
It’s so refreshing to see a sculpt that focuses on forms rather than pointless detail that even doesn’t make sence.
Looking foreward to updates on this one, keep us posted.
Just checked some of your other sculpts, cool stuff!
I’m a fan :slight_smile:

Saw your Hboiled thread, never seen a retopo approach so close to what i use, interesting.

Thanks, i’ll do my best to keep this thread updated.
I have seen your profile: cool sculpts.
cycles bust test thread: i love the way you sculpted the hair of your character.

Damn I wish i could sculpt. can you post pics of u sculpting too?

torso (base mesh), unfinished head.

light test

Amazing sculpting :slight_smile:
look at the verts count : 133333 :smiley:

Phenomenal sculpting. I think this would make a great statue for central park in New York City.

Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

2iemniak666 and solerous: thanks,:).
Working on the legs.