done in one day (not the whole day, about 4 hours)
reference image–>sketch–>scan–>GIMP
mite try to model in blender later
tell me wat u think

Could you make the pic smaller?

I really like everything.

I was never a big fan of the Marvel style, but you’ve certainly replicated his face in the popular familiarity.
Since this is only a rough draft of sorts, I’m not going to comment about the lack of shading. However, be sure that when you render it in Blender, fix his shoulders so that they look more human! Right now the smoothness makes it look like his head is perched on some manmade hilltop (draped with cloth of course). Try adding the impression of the collarbone, and the prominent shoulders.

Looks cool, next draw Zorro! :Z

here is the reference image

Notice how in your reference picture, the way the cape is draped about his shoulders imply at the set of the bones and the presence of the bulky muscles. None of that manmade-hill feel :smiley: I know it’s hard to tell, but it’s not so subtle as to be unnoticeable.

hhhmmm looks cool but also looks like he has no arms lol.

I agree with sno4wy and Grimreaper… he has no arms or shoulders!
(yes, i did do that in ms paint… didn’t want to wait for PS or GIMP2.0 to load to draw two lines)
I think, though, that you could pass your pic off as a boyish version of the original pic, seeing as younger boys have way smaller shouders… just add some arms, man! lol
Did a nice job on the face though.

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cant see it superx10?

yea i can see now its true thats what yours looks like dude.

you superman had to make a lot of spot to be like the original 8)