**Support for Adobe Flash UI???**

Hey guys, I’ve been looking forward to using blender’s game engine. But the one thing I want to know though is whether it has support for Adobe Flash UI or Actionscript 2 or 3 as they call it (scaleform). UDK has been a real pain to use; long story.
so please, if any of you guys know, I would be glad to hear about it. :confused:

They are completely unsupported at the present time. There’s little else to say unfortunately.

*Darn, well we can make some kind of community wide request lol. man I wish I could donate money so they can work on adding support for scaleform and actionscript, but I can’t donate online (I don’t have a credit card, lol). But since Blender 2.71 came out (which had some great new addons and features), I am looking forward to future versions! I am planning on pushing the game engine to the limit.

It’s very unlikely that Flash will ever be supported. It’s a proprietary format and doesn’t fit Blender’s GNU licensing model. One of the devs would be more able to confirm this, but that’s my take on it.

Im not trying to change the topic but, what about UDK? they do have scaleform, it’s free just like blender. Can’t Blender also do the same too?

It’s not the pricing model, but the license under which It’s released.

Even license aside, we do not currently have anywhere near the resources to implement and maintain such a feature, and it is unlikely that any amount of funding will realise this.

Well… not ANY amount. I’m sure that if the Blender Foundation had millions of dollars pouring into its engine it would be bang up to date with features pouring out the engine’s imaginary ears. :wink:

You have to realise, ASOGA, that UDK is created and maintained by Unreal (a AAA game developer). The engine is free, sure, but it’s just an adaptation of an engine, that they have spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours on, released for free. Blender, on the other hand, has had no AAA titles released as far as I am aware (other than modeling assets for games) and has a crew of a fraction-of-a-fraction of Unreal.
In my opinion, if you need the tools and features of UDK, then use it. Use Blender to create assets, but there is no point in trying to use an engine that isn’t doing what you need. It’s like trying to use a hammer to wash a CD – you aren’t gonna get anywhere.

Now I understand why. But I also still believe Blender’s game engine has the potential to be used to make a triple A game though. And in my opinion, setting up animations in Blender is much easier than in UDK; via the logic editor. And with some good knowledge of Python and maybe c++, could get anyone to greater heights in blender’s game engine. The only released commercial license game I’ve heard that came from blender is a racing game called “Ignite.”

*I am working on a casual game project, using blenders game engine. I guess it’ll do with or without scaleform. Was just checking if it had scaleform, was interested if there was, unfortunately not, so yeah.

P.S I can’t help but notice ur profile pic is stopping me from taking things seriously, AHAHAHAHA