Surface -> Mesh?

Hello all, I am quite new to blender and had a question.
Umm I recently did the heart tutorial with the NURBS sphere. However, when i exported it as direct x, it didn’t work. It said something like that of object not a mesh. Is there a way to convert surface into mesh or other way of exporting it into direct x format?

to make an object from curves and nurbs you have to select the object then
Alt-C to do the conversion and then it becvomes a mesh object

the same is true with text font
So have fun with blender


Is there perhaps a way to convert it at a higher quality? I have recently done the dolphin tutorial and when I converted to mesh, it looked horrifying.

Add a subsurf modifier in the edit buttons. It should smooth everything out and add a lot more polys. Hope it helps!

in the curves panel F9 you can define how many extrapolation points you want to have
so you have to experiment with this a little
don’t put too much or it will be slow for render

and with the subsurf it should work fine