Surface skinning for topo?

There seem to be a lot of ways to create accurate topographical maps in Blender, but I wondered if anyone has had experience with the following method:

-create a reference image in a Blender file with an image of the topo lines you want to use
-add nurbs curve surfaces at the correct height incremetns, push-pull the vertices until they match the topo lines in the image. Make sure all curves have the same number of control verts.
-make sure the “Order” is set properly, or the accuracy will go too far out of wack.

The other way, which I tried, was to import a CAD file and skin with cambo’s script ( but this involved a good bit of trial and error, and the surface I got wasn’t all that clean. (NOT a knock on the script, which works great)

The other other way is to use the “noise” method (create a height map image, put it on a subdivided plane, hit the “noise” button til its right.) but this required creating a height map to begin with, and the accuracy…?

Anyway, what are the toughts of folks who’ve tried such things?

and a quick follow-up question: is there a file format that one can use that will import into blender as nurbs surface curves? (bet you can see why I ask that…:slight_smile: )