Surprise - Facehugger - TURNABLE animation

Hello, this Surprise Egg facehugger I created for the Grants Abbitts competiton “The Beast Within”
I used KRITA for creating SURPRISE text and the rest is sculpting + modelling in Blender 2.91.

Turntable animation:


Nice work. However, the colors and the light makes it look kind of cute. That might make kids and even adults not run away when it shows. To bad for them I guess. :slight_smile:

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thank you. Yes, this facehugger would probably did not make to run away neither kids :smiley: It is kind of friendly facehugger. You can take him out for a walk or talk to him when you feel alone:smiley:
Well, the colors and especially the material was created intentionally this way as it is meant to be like a plastic toy in kinder egg. thanks for stopping by :+1:

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Nice explanation. If Kinder or some other company would make eggs with these kinds of collectable toys, I would start buying them again after so many years without. :slight_smile:

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