Surrealism: Foot Gun.

(rndrdbrian) #1

Some surreal modelling I’m working on, a 3d rendering of a sculpture.

For bonus points, name the artist who made the original sculpture.

It’s a work in progress, I still have to model the gun. 100% Pure blender, used a poser figure as a referance, then box modelled using the poser mesh as a base.

Comments & suggestions welcome!

Note the interesting circular patterning near the knee… No texture applied, so whats causing it?



(digitalSlav) #2

is that a giger work?

(KarbonCopy) #3

Alright, i tried doing that, and my leg wont bend that way. its like a harsh twister move :stuck_out_tongue:

(scrappy) #4

i am guessing that you have a textured lamp thats causing the circles near the knee???

(rndrdbrian) #5

Well done! :smiley:


(Detritus) #6

My uncle did something like that once… The story ended with him falling in me and pushing me down a failry high stair. I was to young to remember the whole thing now, but my mum told me about it… Anyway, great model! Maybe you could add a more interesting background and texture.

(vosa) #7

hej hou - guys please help me - i can see only image where is hosted by angelfire written thanks

vosa -¦-

(LohnS) #8

great stuff, maybe just little tucks and pulls here and there, the gun also and you should have it =D

(Pooba) #9

Weird/cool thing man. When is the gun going to be added?