2nd artwork with the new human generator.
A dark dystopian future living under continued surveillance.


Can you tell me more about your human generator ?

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Yes the new human generator is kind of a new addon. You can find it on It is in a startup phase so the possibilities are a bit limited but with some creativity you can come a nice end. In the past i used sometimes the free makehuman application. But these for me are only useable in the distance. The characters lack some realism. So i found this one and for some scenes it’s usefull i think. But i hope there get some more updates so the generator gets more possibilities such as clothing poses and so fort.


Thanks for you reply.

I use Makehuman and it’s true that it is not enought realistic if you are too close. Before, i was using Character Creator but first it wasn’t very blender friendly (may be it’s better now ? I believe ther is an addon) and also every thing had to be paid in addition :frowning:

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I have watched the video on BM and it’s just incredible !!!
All that we can see in the film is in the 68 $ pack ?

There is a collection of poses in the addon so at the end the character is rigged?

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I was searching for something better then makehuman. Ande for more close shots this is nice. I bought it last week. What you see in the video is what you get. It’s not very much at this point (poses, clothing etc…) but it is a very good start i think. You also get future updates for wich i am looking forward to. But for now it works for me to get some persons more close in the shot. So if u ask me it’s worth it. The character is rigged i just tried to move it around and that worked so i guess you can change every pose you made. I’m now working on another close shot and i must say i like the old faces you can make with wringles and stuff.


The Human Generator $ ( has some huge potential (even at this early stage). There’s 25% off for early adopters (if you sign up) so I jumped on it. Playing with it I’m quite impressed and recommend it (especially if you’re like me and not good at modeling people). Includes stuff like rigging, clothing and skin tone. Parameters and their ranges is a bit limiting but after creating the character you want you can do anything you like.

I’ve been doing some preliminary testing and like it so far:

Here’s a screenshot of the interface:

I’m not affiliated in any way (just a big Blender and addon fan). Feel free to ask questions if you like.

Cheers and stay safe!

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i think i’m going to buy it!
For clothing library, no problem because i’m also using MARVELOUS DESIGNER.
I need characters in my projects but it is very long to get the modeling skill. So i am looking for a good tool to have a realistic “starting point”.
After i think you can modify your mesh with Blender (sculpting, texture painting…) so… Let’s go (i’ll buy it tomorrow !)

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:ok_hand: i’m also in the experimenting mode right now.

3 other questions :slight_smile:

  • For rendering, do you use Cycles or Evee ?
  • What do you think about the hair materials?
  • Is it possible to gerenate children ?
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Hey Christian, I allways use cycles for my renders. The hair materials are ok i must say. And it works with children. When you work on the model it doesn’t show all the hairs later on it does.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I bought it. That’s very nice and very user friendly. My first tests are positive : nothing to do with makehuman. The close-up renderings are stunnings. And for the female characters there is all the makeup. (for children i have not found yet).

Thanks a lot for all your advices!


PS : i will follow your work. Are you on ARTSTATION ? INSTAGRAM ?

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Thank you Bart appreciate it.


Hey Christian. Good to hear you are positive. Indeed for close ups its way better than makehuman. Yes i’m also on artstation (arg-3d under my name ruud geerards) and instagram (arg_3d_art).