Survey on rendering

Hi guys,

We are a team of Digital Marketing postgraduate students at Dublin City University. As a part of the program we are doing a research that aims to capture a detailed picture of needs among professionals involved in rendering activities to improve on their experience with rendering solutions.

If you are a professional involved in rendering activities and you wish to help us learn more about your rendering needs and preferences, please take on our survey:

Your responses will be stored automatically and anonymously and will not be shared or sold.
The survey should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for your participation! :slight_smile:

Mods, I am not sure if I posted it in the right sub-forum, please feel free to remove it.

Survey is down.

Oops, my mistake, thank you for the notice!

Edited now.

Thanks guys, we got more than 15 answers yesterday! :slight_smile:

You start off asking about gender. Rendering has nothing whatsoever to do with gender.

I can already imagine the awful statistics that say women value temporal consistency while men prefer speed. :wink:

Rendering has nothing to do with gender, but this question is always required in all academic surveys.

So far we have only 1 woman who filled in the questionnaire, so no awful statistics, I can promise you that :smiley:

Hey everyone,

We got a lot of participants from Blenderartists, thank you ! We are wrapping up the survey at the end of the week and an extra 10 participants would be perfect.

If you didn’t take our survey and have 10 minutes to help us in our project, please follow the link in the original post :smiley:

Almost there ! The last mile is always the hardest :cool:

Hi guys,

Just to let you know that we need just one last participant to fully complete the survey.

You guys amount for 15% of the respondent that fully completed the survey :smiley:

The survey is now closed. Thank you all so much for your participation, we really appreciate it! :slight_smile: