Suspension Reports

We had to suspend a user this week and wanted to provide full transparency of the situation and the application of our policies to the community by opening this topic.

Community flagging is essential in identifying accounts in need of restriction; we appreciate your help and support in our efforts to keep our community civil and constructive.

Suspensions are a last resort. We make every effort to foster constructive behavior in a non-restrictive way. This action is the result of repeated violations of our code of conduct.

Suspended users can reach out to @moderators for further clarification or to appeal the suspension.


:mega: User @justwannapost has been suspended from BlenderArtists.

  • Reason for suspension: Continuing to break community guidelines by posting low-quality, insulting, and conspiracy-theory peddling content. User has a long history of warnings and content removals and doesn’t show any intent to improve their behavior or follow the moderators’ lead.
  • Duration: indefinitely