Sustance Designer 4 released, 50% off till december 3rd

Substance Designer 4 is out… and its 50%+ off till December 3rd if you get it via Steam.

Non-commercial (exemption with steamworkshop): $49 (normally $99)
commercial: $295 (normally $595)

Substance is one of the best, if not thee best texturing and baking solution on the market right now. You can even generate textures procedurally. Good chance to grab it for cheap, recommend at least getting the non-commercial version.

I read on their forums recently that they added support for the creation of 4K textures using the CPU engine, so this might help to get it used more for general 3D graphics as opposed to games.

However, the real hardcore 3D artists might still be let down by the 4K limit, granted, it’s enough for me right now, but the competition such as Genetica Studio and Filter Forge are able to produce textures of 32K resolution with the latter software going to 64K.

Don’t get me wrong, this would be excellent software for random procedural surfaces due to it being based on the old Mapzone technology, but I have not yet found any evidence that it can generate highly complex tiling patterns that go well beyond basic brick layouts. (which encompass an entire range of surfaces).

What do you mean by 32k textures? And who needs that, really? You can already split up your models into multiple images with the UV mapping, so several 4k are usable to complete your model already.

@SaintHaven Thanks.
Plus this: Bitmap2Material: for

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