Sutabi's Workshop

Some of you guys know me :slight_smile: mainly not from the Elysiun forum but the blender chat room. I am currently trying to not only boost my modeling time but as well as making myself more well known.

I’ve been wanting to do a simple project, well no simple… But anways an animtion in the Blender game engine. My site is still being worked on any everything else.

Anyways I would like to know if someone that can texture and someone that can create music Can join this project. There’s currently a team of two on Sutabi’s Workshop ^_^, me and the writer MNTnews (shes a great writer)

Anyways I am working on the storyboard so not much is up. It’s just based on a peom MNTnews wrote that i asked her for.

Texture person:
*Cartoonish Texturing
*Able to draw anime? (since I draw anime and my characters will be based off my concept art it would help if the person can create textures upon models create.

Composer person: (most important)
*Able to create various moods of music
*midi is acceptable (I can convert with timidity to wav then mp3)
*Currently needing a 1 min to 1:30 mins of some kinda music the feels mystical

Why i need a composer most is becuase I want to base the animation off the music and the music to be based of the poem giving a much more artistic feeling. So as long as if matches the poem its ok with me.

the poem is currently here:

I have a boatload of knowhow in blender from the gamegine to well… a lot in blender ^_^. Anyone wanna join???