Sutsu (The Suit)

Hey Blenderes,

I've been working on Mid Drift for a while now, but I'm a bit of a multi-tasker, and I get bored easily.

So, yesterday I decided to start a project. It's a RPG Fighter I'm going to call Sutsu "The suit". Nothing is final, and anything can change as this progresses.

This takes place around 16th Century Japan, and there’s a lot of crime going on in yours, and the surrounding Villages . You play as an ordinary guy named Haan (not Solo). One day heading home after working in the fields you run into some thugs, and get the shit kicked out of you. After managing to escape by runnung your ass off. You realize you’re lost. You’ve now been wondering around for a while, and decide to sit next to an old tree. You’re looking around to see if any of the thugs are still giving chase, and after not seeing anyone in sight. You bow your head between your legs. Elbows rested on your knees. Hands running through your hair.
Something black is peeping out of the moss covered sediment. You begin curiously poking around it with your finger. Suddenly. The once hard black object you were poking at seems to be melting. It latches onto your hand. You struggle to break it’s grip as it slowly makes it’s way up your arm. Before you know it. It’s covering your whole body, and making it’s way up your neck, and over your head.
After blacking out. You wake up. Feeling kind of tingly, and everything looks extremely clear. You stand up, and realize it took no effort at all. Looking down at yourself. You can’t believe what you’re seeing. You’re covered in a solid black material. You’re body has as well. You’re bigger.
After getting it together. You realize what you’ve got yourself into. Literally. You can run faster, jump higher, lift things no mortal man could ever lift, and your Martial Arts abilities are much greater.
As you head home you think about those thugs. What they did to you, and what they could be doing to someone else right now. Everyone’s afraid of these thugs, and gangs. Even the law. But not you.
With your new powers you decide to use your new suit, and it’s awesome powers to go vigilante, and reduce the crime in all the villages in the area.

Go out. Find some thugs. Kick some ass, and learn what your new suit can do.

If anyone has any ideas, likes, or dislikes. Speak up please.

And as always. I’ll keep you all updated.


Looks good. Any sound?

Not yet. I just got the basics set up.
This is just showing the reflective visor on the suit.

OK. Changed this thread. It was “Side Project”, but I started something new, and only got one response. No there is no sound on this one yet either, so the comment above is fine.

Not much to look at, but I’m working on some basic moves.
Front Flip, Back Flip, and Back Handsprings, Walk, Run, and Left, and Right Strafes.
I think they all still need some tweaking, but this is the basis I’m working on.
I’m not the best animator, but I’m working on it. I may ask for help in that department of I can’t get it looking the way I want it to.

Still to do:
Walk Backwards
Special Moves.

There won’t be any weapons in this game. The Suit is the weapon. As you progress through the game. The Suit will upgrade with built-in weapons. I’m leaving those a surprise for now.

His legs are too far apart when he walks… keep it up!