SUV Concept Design | One

I quite like the design, though the front looks a bit strange to me, almost as though its missing something there that has been cut off.

Do you have a rough estimate on the polycount of your model(s)? I am curious to what extent you may run into performance issues with the model and the booleans. It would also help me gauge the size of my own work in the future :wink:

As for a more technical question, I’ve always read that PV panels on cars account for about 50-70 additional kilometers on a daily basis (provided perfect weather conditions). This particular number was from the Lightyear One example posted earlier. What are the numbers for this car and doesn’t a larger battery provide a larger range than PV panels, given their relatively low contribution?

On this project about 4 million faces. But I run a 64gig ram, top level MacBook pro for this work which handles it more than fine. So really depends on your computer specs.

I spent the 5 grand on this laptop specifically for my needs (I’m a mac guy).

As for the panels, that’s theoretical right now. That will depend on the investment and development team assigned to this. The closest production car I can see right now with major investments into this technology is the new Hyndai Sonata hybrid. It’s particularly powered by solar, but with something the size of an SUV, the power consumption will be much greater, thus, more serious development required. Some of the best solar panels (that I know of) product good power, but it’s all about area.

Your regular home solar cell will produce around 400kw of power. On a SUV that will be much smaller. Not sure how much. So if a dual tesla electric motor vehicle consumes about 30kw per 100 miles, a solar cell, with such a small area and all it’s losses, would have to supply that. Not something I’ve seen yet.

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I like the design and the renderings looking great.The front however would not be very aerodynamic efficient with this open design.A EV should be as aerodynamic efficient as possible,until the battery development is that far nobody cares anymore.
I guess this car gets bumper,if so then your tyres sticking out too much.Every bump the tyre would hit the fenders and maybe damage the tyres.

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I really like the cleanness of the work here, didn’t you have performance issues on editing if you used toi many booleans (especially on body panels) ?

As for the style I’m not so sure.

I personally I’m not really into massive front Grill especially on SUVs which are supposed to be more on the robust side of things, and on a electric car that shouldn’t need such big air intakes, plus it must ruin the Cx pretty badly.

As for the rear ends, I can only approve of the big rear windshield for visibility purpose, but it felt off immediately because of the great difference in height with the side windows.

But once again I really do like the work you are pulling here with blender, and it shows once again that’s it’s very usable for such “hard surfacing” projects.

And yes I am neither an academic designer nor an expert, so my opinion is just of your everyday passerby.

Thanks guys. Please keep in mind this is just a proof of concept. These things are reengineered as investors and engineering teams get assigned.

My philosophy:

If as a forward thinking designer I where to “play by the rules”, then i would propose ideas that don’t evolve. Things stay the same, shapes don’t change. I was hired to break the rules a bit and explore something new. Something outrageous.

I appreciate that this work is creating emotional responses, either good or bad. It means I’m doing my job. And eventually design concerns will be addressed and things refined.

It’s a concept guys, remember that :slight_smile:

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Nice!. This vehicle will collect bugs like a manta collects plankton! Perhaps it could be bug-powered…


I love this - it’s amazing… not only great modeling/rendering, but a realistic/feasible and beautiful car design.

Really nice work! getting a car render just right is always pretty hard to do.

Not sure I like the front, and… that name… Isn’t it a tad too big to be called ‘Humble’ :wink:
Or is that just my European sense of ‘car scale’?

With humble I imagine a electric ‘Smart’ car :smiley:

But interesting concept to be sure, and it looks a lot better than the Dutch car concept haha!

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Solar panel and battery tech would need a massive breakthroughs to get even close to realizing this.

The Ligtyear one webpage states 12km/hour charging. Let’s say that’s feasible, it would take 60 hours to fully charge for the 725km range of the car.
Divide that by roughly 10 hours of useable sunlight, it will take 6 days to charge fully. In the meantime you want to use the car. The car is a interesting concept, but not really there yet,

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Hello sir,
i really appreciate your effort and acknowledge your skills.
But for the front part i understand that u got tired and wanted to finish this project ,its 100% ok as humans we get tired and want to go further.
Good luck for your future Projects.

I’m not sure what that means

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WOw impressive grill! looks stunning man!

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it means he didn’t read… :wink:

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People should keep in mind that the drag coefficient of a car is a result of many factors, which aren’t always obvious to the eye. I don’t know how good the aerodynamics of the particular Concept Car would be in actual use, but the production car with the lowest DC right now is this Mercedes Class-A, with only 0.22 Cd.

I don’t think anyone would guess that, or that the BMW i8 is less aerodynamic than the Class-A, with a drag of 0.26Cd.

Particularly, for the model presented here, the front massive grill is a signature element and I really like it as a part of a whole. I especially fancy the inverse curve of the grill fins’ profile as seen from the side.

But apart from that, we’re not vehicle specialist to examine the appropriateness of the various elements. We’re Blender artists, and in it’s the artistic presentation of the project we should focus on.

As a 3d modeler who has worked with automotive specialized programs, like Alias mainly and Rhino secondarily, I’m really impressed with the surface quality and the character lines of the car, which are rarely seen in applications like Blender or other classic polygon modelers.

So, @LRosario keep it up, my friend. I don’t know if this kind of design is actually applicable in real life, but it really looks fantastic and promising for the future.


Obviously :wink:

Really appreciate the conversation from the group

I don’t think this is a particularly massive Grill compared to some of other manufacturers productions ( eg: Lexus, Bentley ), it is probably partially obstructed so it won’t hinder too much the aerodynamic efficiency, and speaking of style, I think Mercedes Designers are very clever in integrating their front signature without ruining the general body flow.

Some of us are not vehicles specialist of course, but this won’t prohibit you from giving an opinion as potential consumer or just as a car enthusiast.