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I recently had the pleasure of designing an SUV concept for EV Automotive startup Humble Motors, based out of Los Angeles, California. This was my first commissioned project of 2021 of many. This my first SUV designed in Blender 2.92.

***Posted with permission and coordination with Humble Motors CEO.


That front end will put BMW’s kidneys to shame!

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thanks man! too kind

Some behind the scenes.


I don’t think a solar powered “normal” car will ever be possible :smiley: but great work nice renders


believe me, I’ve had that conversation. But I was just hired for exterior design, so I’ll leave that up to the CEO :slight_smile:


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TBH These colors are better than original post,
Amazing work,
I can see why Humble Motors hired you
You should be on #featured

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Thank you alot for that.

I think as a designer, I always strive to hit my mark. For my first SUV, I gotta say I learned quite a bit. Wont be my last.

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This is beautiful work dude! Are you also based in LA? As a filmmaker based in LA I’d like to link up with other local Blender artists!

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looks great i do a similar vehicle

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Thanks brother,

I’m actually based in the east coast but I do have dealings with people in Los Angeles. Of course with covid travel has changed a bit but looking forward to another trip soon hopefully

Thanks man. I’d love to see. Feel free to share

Limits are now being pushed to sustain life. Search for solar car competitions. Perhaps you will be surprised.

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Yeah, sure, you can pop a couple of solar panels on the car and get 5-8 km driving range a day, besided which you have a full electric battery which you need to charge with a plug and actually takes the car longer distances. A fully solar powered normal sized car with normal range, where the car itself accumulates the energy from the sun will never be possible. That’s what I meant, if it wasn’t clear, sorry.

Oh, okay. Although I heard that a team in a solar car competition had presented their car as a positive, meaning that under normal conditions, their car eventually generates the energy instead of losing it. They were also using other methods like regenerative braking and suspension.

Fantastic job. All the surfaces are spot on, and have a very attractive lightline pattern. Congrats. The presentation is superb.

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Very original shape, I like it.
Mind sharing a wireframe? I have a thing for car wireframes, love to check the model flow.

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I really appreciate that. I do the best I can on every project.

Thanks! I wish I could, but on stuff like this since I’m not the owner of the model, I can only show “the final product” as written in the contract.

Plus this style of modeling is not so much a premeditated model like what you would find on an existing car project. Since I have to invent the design, the process I take is much more unusual and dosnt lend itself to traditional organized meshes. It looks more like one solid mesh that’s cut into 100 different ways because essentially thats what I do with massive boolean cut groups.

good reference. The owner discussed this with me earlier in the year along with stuff by Fiske Automotive. Fully solar powered cars are still a challenge not only for engineering but for design as well. Hard to make solar panels look sexy.