BoBA 2021 Voting: Vehicles

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’

Congratulations to @KarlAndreasGross, @Muradrama, @FATdan, @MarcelDeneuve, @Tell, @jonasvincent, @PaulWrightyThen, @felixbauerart, @IanA, @Mark06GT, @marvluebke, @animelix, @Chalala, @shredde, @Merypol, @lastrodamo, @MrMelestor, @Mark06GT, @JakeArt3D, @D1nar, @ontogenic, @Markus-ipse, @klapenhz, @pix.d, @Kubo_O, @Pred, @LRosario, @xscience, @Mark06GT, @juVFX for being nominated!


Thanks for the nomination Bart!

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thanks @bartv for the nomination
congrats to the winner :+1:
thanks to all the people that supported my artwork :pray:

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This one

(7 and 8 I would put another category and choose, 17 too, 5 too)
16: super solid render
28: left a lasting impression on me
Can’t choose another 18 or 21