Hmy royal caroline

I built a wooden kit of this ship many years ago. I found the old Panart plans in the basement the other day and thought I would give it a go in Blender.

She was launched from Deptford in 1749 and served as Royal family yacht until 1805. She went to the breakers in 1820.

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Really nice… good idea using model building plans… i always wanted… wait i do have… oh no i will spend hiurs to find them…see you later :wink:

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“Fake” model but hyper realistic ( like your other works ), this will be interesting.

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Rigging started…


So many details, absolutely impressive. Were you able to render your model with GPU?

Sadly, the GPU feature stopped working a long time ago. I’ve done my best to keep the vertex count down by instancing objects, mirroring and using group instances, but there are sooo many parts, that losing GPU was inevitable.

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well, how many poly you have. Also I guess that textures eat VRAM too.

I’m up to 42,000,000 vertices now. Texture size isn’t much. I’ve been able to use the same wood texture for all the wood. I created a Node Group for the basic image texture information (it contains some randomization of color for each object) and then I created several shaders based on the node group that adjust the lightness & tone of the wood. All of the wood texturing is done with just 3 seamless wood files.

Node group:

Below is an example of one of the shader variations of wood. The RGB curve & HSL nodes are what I use to make variations of the base color.

A few updates on the carvings:

I was fortunate to find a nice set of small ornamental pieces on blend swap that let me fill in smaller areas.

Frieze collection




It is impressing.

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Beautiful!! Simply amazing!

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Mark, this looks fantastic. Great work!

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No, no… it’s not finished. Now when you make such nice 3D “sketch”… make one in real :smiley:
Seriously… fantastic model, and very nice renders.

I do have ‘real’ one in my living room, but honestly, I think my virtual one is much nicer. Thanks for all the likes and comments.

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Oh… Beauty… As young I make one… but this are plastic kit from Rewell. Look decent, but when you compare it with ‘real’ model look … mediocre.

This is absolutely amazing! So much work. Great job!

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Amazing work! Full ship renders look especially impressive.

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Where you get such nice wood textures?