Vintage motorcycle Ariel 550 SV 1928

This is a 3D model of the motorbike Ariel 550 SV, model b, construction year 1928.

i wanted to make it look new, to show the elegance of the old design. All aspects are done in Blender.


Here are some Wireframes:


And here is a Viewport screenshot:

The whole project took about 160 hours of work, where a lot of time went into searching for reference images. There are several design variants of this this bike avialable, so it was challenging to find the correct parts to fit everything well together. For the modeling, is used only Blenders functions, no addons.

Post Processing of the renders is done in Affinity Photo.

Feel also free to have a look at the project on my artstation portfolio.

Thanks for watching!


Huge amount of work and effect is worth it! Congratulation!
Please show me light studio setup for both series of images, it looks great imo! :sunglasses:


Thanks Maciej!

Regarding the lights setup, i used a different lighting for every shot. Here are two examples.

For the colored shots, i used several larea lights:

For the Black&White, i used only one, max two larger area lights:


Thank you for sharing because I always wonder how to achive this kind look:)

Maciej, youre welcome.
If you want a quick lowkey light with interesting reflections, just put a procedural brick texture on a plane. This is light source enough to get a first impression of what might look good:

By the way, i’ll put the motorcycle on blendermarket as soon as the model is cleaned up and proper named. Maybe its usefull for someone.


Exceptional work

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I could look at the topology for hours, Beautiful!

Lovely renders, super clean model and very sick light setup!

wow, thanks Bart!

Here are three more renders:

I’m planning to do a set of canvas prints of those, a pack of high res Desktop Backgrounds of the renders (But those have to be commercial … ) What do think? Will the images look good printed onto a noble paper, framed with a dark wooden frame and a white passepartout?

Thanks for watching!


first of all great work, i read all your replies, really interesting. i think its gonna be great printed, just make sure to do more attempts possible to reach the best balance in luminosity and contrast ^^

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow Thanks!
To celebrate this, i will give a discount on the model on Blendermarket. For the Weekend i will drop the price from 59$ to 29$.

If someone is interested in, have a look on blendermarket here

Thank you all for the good feedback!

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and less noise as possible, or actually denoising the renders for printing…