Spaceship design

Here’s a spaceship design, loosely based on something I scribbled as a child (many years ago!). I made the model in Blender a while ago but have kept coming back to it to get a finished scene as it took a while to work out what I was looking for. Rendered with a combination of Cycles and Eevee, particularly for the final render with an Eevee volume layer composited over a Cycles render.

Final render:

Side view:

Initial scene:


Made-up future pseudo-science nonsense…




Cool scene, and video. It looks really good, love it :+1:

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NIce work!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow, thanks Bart!!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

Oh I love the blueprint thing. Pseudo-science nonsense is where it’s at. Great work !


WOW great scene great sound and music
love it
Stay safe

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Yes, I especially love the pseudo-science bit, which is, itself, very well executed and totally convincing.

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Thanks Bart!! :blush:
I’m honoured!

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