Cargo Spaceship

My main idea about the Cargo Spaceship was that it should be able to unload rings with containers directly into a space elevator, which will hopefully be a follow-up part of this project. Rings can support gravity inside containers by rotation force. Also deck is magnetic so everything won’t fall down (or somewhere, as its space) xD

Its remake of my older project made for CGBoost challenge, as I was not happy enough with the results. Now I am a little happier ^^ Mainly inspired by last season of TV Series - The Expanse.

You can find more shots on my Artstation:

Or directly:
Part 1 - Link
Part 2 - Link


Hi Jakub,

Nice render and great idea. The Expense is a fantastic series! I highly recommended it.

Cheers and stay safe!

Thanks! Yeah, best sci-fi series for me that actually take real physic into account :smiley:

Love the renders, they look really realistic. Is it cycle? Also, did you create the background planet?

Curious, is this something that would work in real life or is it sci-fi technology?

I did a little 0g physics test in Blender.

In a square room, the contents move towards the corner.

It seems to work with a beveled wall/floor though for some odd reason.

I don’t really understand what’s going on.

And assuming this does work, how do people enter & exit the rooms safely? Aren’t the g’s higher the closer you get to the middle?

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Very cool stuff!

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Nice, I like your ideas for checking the problem :smiley:

Idea is based on the concept:

Cargo would be secured I assume, and its mostly for transporting items in transport containers not humans :slight_smile: but there could be some solutions to make some modular block that could carry people I think :smiley:


It’s an obvious “nod” to how real container ships are actually done, and as such it looks very nice.

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Hah, thanks! :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks! :boom:

Really cool, especially like the second picture!

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Thx! My favorite also :smiley:

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that second shot is cinematic goodness, beautiful work


Thankss :heart:

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Could you talk a bit about your texturing process? Did you take the geometry into a 3rd party app like Substance Painter, or did you use other procedural techniques? I’m also curious about if you used UDIMs for the textures, if not how did you manage to maintain high resolution through all the pieces parts? I really love the sense of scale that you achieved, and I think that is part of all the detail that you added, what was your final poly count, and was it insane to get decent UV maps?

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