Hello everybody. (I’m new to the forums here.)
Its for an animation I’m making. I used a CVS blender with raytracing (obviously).

What do you all think?

I’m not saying you should, but if you feel the urge to bevel something, W key now gives you the option.

Is the head transparent? It looks like I can see the corner of the floor THROUGH the head… or maybe it’s the Opposite corner, in which case it’s ok…

I’m pretty sure its the oppisite corner.

If you bevelled it, it would not line up like that.
<edit> and welcome to elYsiun!

Hey ! Welcome !

Its for an animation I’m making. I used a CVS blender with raytracing (obviously).

What do you all think?

Well you got the “sympathetic character” down right from the start.
Edges are a bit sharp, I agree with Modron there.
If you are going to make some of it partly transparent, then maybe you should put someting inside for us to see (and as a visual reference for the viewer to understand what is front and back, up and down ; transparency and mirror can fool the perceptual system as we know)

Keep it up !

Sorry, I commented as if your post was in the WIP forum…
Gosh maybe that wasn’t what you wanted the most :expressionless:

Hmmm nice :wink:

But perhaps there’s a few too many lamps with raytrace shadows in there? I think it looks rather cluttered with all those cast shadows. Maybe only 2 lamps with raytracing on, then a few only in there to make the scene more “realistic”

Criticism is always welcome weather its finished or not. So far comments have been very helpful and I will use them in future art.


Indeed, most of us have little regard for the forum something is in, as far as offering critiques, but if you really don’t want a critisism, or if you wish a particularly harsh critisism,…just say so, and generally, you will get what you asked for.

He definitely has the “good guy” look to him as mentioned. Sort of like “Thomas the Train”. Looks like a good character for adventures. Good luck to you.