Suzanne 3D Print

I know, it’s generally taboo to use suzanne in a finished work, but this was mainly a practice with material nodes, lighting, and compositing, to try and achieve the somewhat crappy, point and shoot camera style. Rendered and composited in Blender Internal. Small edits made in photoshop to remove some DOF artifacts.

Nice work! I like this concept of artificially degrading realistic renders contributing photorealism. (Ahem.)

I want a Suzanne keychain…

Thanks. :slight_smile:
And a suzanne keychain. Wouldn’t we all?

Gotcha covered. Suzanne Keychains!!

I’ve had these out on Shapeways for a long while.



Prices are for the base material. You can even get these in Stainless steel (3D printed.)

Shapeways has a minimum $25.00 order, but browse around and you’ll find oodles of really nifty items you can order. (Or just order a bunch of Suzanne keychains for you and your freinds!!

I don’t see much the point of that image…sorry


I think you did a pretty good job, but that the DOF is to strong.
It’s like the lens is dirty, so thats pretty cool.
I also think the floor needs planks.

I don’t see much the point of that image…sorry

Well, it’s not that easy to simulate a bad picture: add dof, color aberations etc.

I like it I have to say.
Maybe you could darken the corner as it is often seen.

Could we get an idea of your lighting and node setup ?

I think that’s a shot of a really small suzanne on an imitation wood table taken from point blank range.

yeah cuz the texture looks EXACTLY like my dinner table!

you didn’t sneak in my house and take a picture of my table did you?

omg i was thinkin of 3d printing suzanne the other day!