Suzanne head facial expressions (CC0)

I made a cartoony model, rig and some facial expressions based on Kursad Karatas’s monkey model (getting harder to find as it is very old) :

There’s much room for improvement on the facial features and appeal of the face but these can make fun icons or video tutorial decorations.

The Blend file is available on sketchfab (don’t mind the web 3D preview)


Lolz, loving it(her)!

Lol @ ChameleonScales face pose there. Reminds me of that animated short “Burning Safari”. :slight_smile:

ah, yeah I saw that one quite a bunch of times:

That chimp looks awesome with its sharper angles and snappy animation
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All my prayers have been answered! Love this. Where’s the blend file??

at the very top of this thread

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Using black magic is against rules :nerd_face:

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looks like link is dead !

looking nice
is it rigged ?

happy bl

Yeah I lost my blend swap account after the website migrated.
In any case the rig is deprecated. It was made in Blender 2.7x and wasn’t very easy to use or flexible. I can still put it on sketchfab though if you want.

if it is not that big you can upload it here

not that i use it often but what is the new link for blendswap ?

happy bl

link updated in first post.
It actually works fine in Blender 2.91 :ok_hand:


Have to get nack into rigging thing
will try it later on

i did try to upload it at first in 2.9
but it did not work
anyway will recheck it later on

you did a whole monky - not only the head
nice little model

happy bl

no I only did the head.
The monkey that has a full body is Kursad Karata’s model which I based my head model on.
Kursad Karata’s monkey is much older (I think it was made in 2.4x) and looks quite different.
What I did is I extracted the head, retopologized it with a higher polycount, modified the shape, remade the textures and materials, added hair and made a new rig.
I only needed the head for whatever it was I wanted to do, but it would be nice to have a full body. Anyone is welcome to modify it any way they like btw. It’s in the public domain.

That said, if I were to make a full-body cartoony Suzanne-like character, I would definitely restart from scratch.

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This is nice. I have to check it out fully yet. I was trying something similar but ended up with something like halfway between Suzanne and this chimp head: Modified Suzanne head model This is much nicer.