here is suzanne :wink: an attempt at a realistic chimpanzee. sculpt of her i had shown in dynatopo thread. after that i made retopo by hand, uv, and then created maps in zbrush (texture, spec, displace, bump, sss, sss alpha), hair in blender with 8 particle systems, several different hair materials … rendered in 2 hours 45 minutes, a little photoshop post… so, it was quite a change for me from the marble sculptures, and is certainly not perfect, but i tried best, and i hope you enjoy…

(please click for fullsize view)

niiiiice eyes

Just saw this in your sketchbook doris. Another great work from you.

I do seem to be uncomfortable with the background though, and I didn’t notice until I clicked on the image, but it looks like it is two copies of the same image overlayed and slightly offset. I’m too much of a noob to know what you did, but I think a simple dof would be more pleasing, or at least less distracting.

Beyond that 5 stars from me.

Very impressive!

The skin is too shinny, about the fur I think you should also low the glossiness a little bit, and also make it a bit darker, about the modeling I think is flawless.

I think that you almost get it, only a few tweaks and you are done, if you want full photo realism you should also tweak the combing in some places.

Would like to see a little bit less of a “dark spot” below the left side of her chin.

Otherwise: “to the Gallery with 'Suzanne, as we have never seen her before!” (Do not pass “GO!” Do not collect 200 bananas …)

i agree that the skin is a bit too glossy, but the modeling is great! the eyes, though seem to have wierd colors. what would usually be the eye white is black, and the brown seems a bit too desaturated, and the hair does seem a bit white. the bumps, and detail, though, are amazing :slight_smile:

You didn’t happen to start this from the actual Suzanne mesh, no?

I agree about the skin, also, the texturing around the lips look a little low-res, but it’s overall pretty nice.

Very Cool! :slight_smile:

Pretty cool chimp I would have to join the crowd and agree about the skin. 5 shiny stars from me and hoping for another front row for you.

p.s Incidentally and very very off-topic Blender’s Suzanne is actually an Orangutan

Wow, really realistic - I hope this is picked up for the feature row.

I don’t think the skin is too shiny - the skin shader looks spot on to me. As an example reference:

thank you everybody :slight_smile: really happy you enjoy my effort… as to the critique points, i will memorize each of it, and apply in next project. but i cannot do in suzanne… did not know suzanne is an orang, so, they happen incidentially have same name… thank you all, very appreciate.

I think someone in the BF at some point must have been a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies like I’m. There is an orangutan called Suzanne in “Mallrats” and “Jay and Silent Bob” strike back IIRC. It’s been a long time since I watched those movies but I know Blender’s Suzanne is a reference to that movie’s Suzanne.

But Chimpanzee Suzanne is pretty cool too.

Yesterday when I had read the title in the threads of the day I thought, another practice with blender suzanne mascot :slight_smile:

Very good and realistic!

my *5
Already commented in the sketchbook.

nice work skin is not quite right but I would like to know how you did it would be very useful for other things try dropping the translucency a tad but very good work

*5 from me Doris. Great work.

As I said on the sketchbook - great job!! Even more so that it is something that is a new subject matter.

Simply amazing.

thank you, i feel really good about reading all your posts. i will remember the constructive critiqe, be assured, but i will not do on suzanne.