Suzanne's Revenge - Pirate Ship (+Blend)

Great!!! I love this ship

Very nice work!

I can understand the comments regarding the miniature-like look. Perhaps it could be helped by adjusting the camera’s focal length to give a stronger “perspective” view?

A lot of 3d modeling skills, but the final image looks dead.
try to explore illustation if you want positive comment from me.

Studying this now - one of Blender’s greatest advantages is one can learn directly from the masters! This is spectacular work!!

Gallery stuff !
My only “but” is that the waves are too big making it look as a miniature toy boat, instead a big boat. It is all because the size of the waves. Looks absolutely realistic!

Very nice work!
Maybe it’s just me but I would also suggest to make the small horizontal ropes
between the shrouds thinner than the vertical ones, since those were just there
for climbing imo.

I am having problems with the blendswap file:

  1. With my own blender compilation blender hangs when trying to open this blend file
  2. With the buildbot build (revision 54336) the file opens but it renders in magenta (without textures). If I try to unpack the textures it says “auto-pack disabled”.

EDIT: I see the textures were not packed in the file (the error message would be better to be “no textures packed in the file” because “auto-pack disabled” really had no sense. In the UV Image Editor it shows the thumbnails when selecting the Images so I thought the images were there but for any strange thing they didn’t show. So after downloading the images the file worked. Then I saved the file and now I can open it also with my own blender compilation. But the original file didn’t open in my own blender build. Strange.

I’m still trying to open this .blend… it won’t open in either rev 54602 (Shinsuke Irie build from ppa) or rev 54558 built from trunk, both running in Linux Mint maya. Blender freezes up good and tight, so much so I can’t even close it and have to reboot. So, thus far my study has been limited to scrutinising your fine renders.

Thanks for that, Bao2 - so it does. Works a treat. Thanks again!

The aim of art should not be to get positive comments :slight_smile: I’d appreciate it if you could explain why it looks dead, perhaps some suggestions to help too - I’m no artist really, more of a techie, but I like to think I can make pretty pictures sometimes :slight_smile:

As for the scale of the ocean - yeah, totally agreed. I’ve put this one to bed now so I won’t fix it myself, but if anyone would like to do it themselves I’d be keen to see it!

For those getting a pink render, read the description on blendswap - you need to download the textures separately

well, i took it for a spin, slimmed down some ropes (actually brute edited existing ropes, so they aren’t very accurate, but enough to get the idea) and changed the ocean. it still lacks good foam and some wakes, but this is the direction i would go.


Fascinated as I am with water, you’re is enviably what I’d like to be able to create, Kilbee - beautiful work! You add a serious depth to the ship with this ocean…

I don’t know, it’s just my feeling. It’s like I prefere to see an image which tells a story to be alive. that’s it. I’m in my speed painting time of enjoying art those days…But again, amazing 3d skills I suppose. happy blending mister zaal.

thanks, but thats quite simple setup - ocean with higher res + 2 bump maps mixed together, sun lamp for reflection and render nodes to bring things up

@kilbee - the lighting is a bit flat for my taste, but the ocean is amazing O_O would you mind sharing the file?

Sure greg. It isn’t exactly the one used up here, because i keep playing with it, but should be close enough.
Nothing fancy here, except the fact i tried to make everything procedural with blender’s textures. Plus it could use some ray length to show some scattering, but that’s a to-do.

Nice texturing and modeling, but the ocean doesn’t look real at all :\