Suzanne's Revenge - Pirate Ship (+Blend)

Could have gone for a more serious name, but the reference to Blackbeard’s flagship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” is strong in this one :slight_smile:

Once again I joined forces with the amazing Chris Kuhn to create this beast. He modeled it ridiculously fast, and then handled it over to me for all the texturing and rendering stuffs.

Download the Blend!

Some night time renders:

the name certainly grabbed my attention …lol… and i am very glad that it did, i would have missed a lot …wow, this ship is amazing! great work you two did, wonderful curves, wonderful believable, and wonderful presentation. love it.

very nice model and texturing. It needs a few monkey pirates though.

I love the ship. The only thing you could improve is the sea. A little bit of foam and better proportion of the waves would be perfect in my opinion.

Absolutely stunning work. How long did it took for all the work?

Really nice work!! I don’t know if its what you were aiming for, but it has a toy boat feel, which is actually really nice :slight_smile: The materials are great too!

Great model and day renders.

I don’t like the nigh renders though. You can’t see much beyond than the light, and the background lacks contrast. The renders as a whole have too much contrast and too little definition.

nicely done! :slight_smile:

Very Nice! although the waves are too large in my opinion, making it look more like a toy.

awesome modeling hear!

Lol what a surprice …, I thought, in this post I’ll find next monkey head + any tests;p. Awesome model, detail and overall render. GJ.

Brilliant detail on the ship itself gregzaal however i founf the scene to be almost like looking at a diorama effect; as if the ship was a small scale model. This may be what you’re hoping for then in which case u nailed it but if you want to add a greater sense of realism to the piece perhaps scale down the ocean sim so the waves are slightly smaller in size and more in proportion to the real world :smiley:

But then again im just a noob, so wadda i know :wink:

Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile: It’s uploading to blendswap as I type

EDIT: It’s up!

Its great work. I love it but i just think that the wood texture from outside make it look bit cartoonish maybe that was intentional.
The details is just wow…

I wender how long it took you guys to Model and texture this beast…?

Nice work! I am curious how you made the rope bit… hard modelling or some trick to it?

Pretty awesome stuff Greg:) I always love seeing your cycles materials in action. I think the thing giving a toy feel is the scale of the water. A higher resolution water surface would give a better feel of scale:P Keep it up man I look forward to seeing more of your stuff:P

Really nicely done :smiley:

Impressive but the ship looks like a toy, i don’t know if you have done this intentioned but it’s fine. I love your work.:yes:

I think that rope is too thick. This is why it looks more like a toy.