Suzzanne Heavyarms Custom - WIP

it looks like our favorite monkey got herself a hold of some surplus military equiptment and made herself a bipedal flame weilding mecha. this could spell trouble for anyone who ever tried pulling all her verticies out of order.

anyway, this is my newest project: The Suzzane Heavyarms Custom

enjoy the pictures!

in not sure what else i have to do with this. any suggestions or critques would be great. its not all properly textured yet, only some of the stuff i thought was imperative at the moment. so anyway…if anyone has any ideas or insights on how to make this better please drop me a line here. thanks!!

Ha ha ha, funny idea. Is there an animation in the works? Let’s see… she could rid the MS Office world of those annoying paperclips. Yeah that would make her my hero.

Nice toon shading. Sorry, can’t offer any ‘insight’, I’m not so good with Blender (yet).

Get her to roast Microsoft! Tie the Windows Butterfly, the Office Paperclip, and a nerdy guy (Bill Gates) together and roast 'em!

you want MY advice?

you see i started all my pojects limke this way back when looks nostalgically into the distance and i have develop[ed one overriding problem
i cant model scenes for beans so model a scene no matter how crappy just do it, do it for everything u make even if the model sucks make an aenvironment, then model the mech again, and ake a new scene
that is a really good idea but the modeling is basic how long u been blening for?

I think the set smooth button would do wonders here.

na ud lse some of the chunkyness its a reasonably sparing model, i thinkfor what it is the blockyness fits…

Heh. I just laughed quite a bit, which is always appreciated. If it is going to be that toony, then it should walk around, or blow things up, or something of the like. Keep at it. I look forward to an animation.

legs dont look like they can bend