Svg breaking up within blender

Hello Blenderheads.

Im importing an SVG which I made from Illustrator and 95% of the artwork seems fine until I spot a few bits and pieces missing from the right wing of the eagle. Firstly Id like to know why blender does this breaks the few pieces from the SVG.
and 2nd whats the best SVG settings to import into Blender. On the left hand side is the original SVG. in the middle as you may notice is as small version of the SVG which some parts are missing. On the right side is a larger version of the SVG
which have some outlines. Any suggestions?

Firstly Id like to know why blender does this breaks the few pieces from the SVG.

When SVGs break it is usually due to a problem in the original artwork. Blender is simply showing you the designer’s error that Illustrator may have actually been covering up.

Typically this is a double vertex or tangent handles that are out-of-wack.

The way I fix problems like this, is to put the curve in edit mode and select each point. Press the G-Key to drag the point around and observe the results. Press ESC to escape out of the grab if you see no correction occur. Sometimes the SVG will jump back into place with the slightest tweak. If this does not work, look for problem vertex handles around the troubled spot. Simply grab a handle and move it. If you do find a double vertex, delete it.

Sometimes the problem is that an area that needs to be hollow is actually solid. This can occur if two curves are flowing the wrong direction and need to be joined.

Hello Atom!

great point outs, I did what you said and It worked there were 2 shapes touching one another, I selected the points and then scaled the shape down and the outline became into a solid shape. But the bigger part of the wing is giving me some issues. I think I spotted the problem as you too will see the example below.
there is an area on the wing where there are at least 4 or 5 points intersecting with one another,and that’s what I think the problem was. so I deleted some points and it worked out perfect.

Now what Id like for you to tell me is, if here is:

A) How can I click an area of a shape and select all its points simultaneously , rather than clicking one by one, cos the bigger part of the wings needed some work to get all those points, I’m not being lazy I Just like to know if there is a faster way.


And last image:

This was the problem!!! But I fixed it.


select one point and then ctrl L to select points connected to it. This works whether you are dealing with nodes or vertices and is a useful shortcut to remember! (Of course A to select all points/verts/etc.)

I’ve been having issues importing to blender too, but for me, Some circles ‘arcs’ in my svg aren’t loading, I’ve counted the objects in the top right, and they don’t have any evidence they exist in the blender file, but in Inkscape it works fine.dis will work

In the small circles there should be coloured circles but they aren’t drawing, they do in inkscape though

this is the compressed version
In blender it causes an error