SVG Modeling?

A while back i remember i saw a making of tutorial for a castle where they used cinema4d to model it but it had a technique which seems like a really useful idea. They took a path from adobe illustrator and put it in and then extruded it and later effected it with a bevel etc. I know there is also a interesting 3d app called MOI that has a similar way of working with curves and lines but i do not own this software.

This however is something i think would be great for using both inkscape and blender to make complex/detailed shapes. So i am just wondering is this way of importing a SVG path to extrude and make into a 3d model possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw this and was really interested a little way back, It has a little tutorial at the end you could try out.

In 2.49, just go to file menu/import/import paths (.svg)

Thanks everyone, 2.49 seems to have it and it works great but it seems it’s not yet in 2.5 which is what i mainly use. It seems to work exporting the models to use from 2.49 to 2.5 just fine although hopefully 2.5 will have this great feature also at some point. :smiley:

Hi again, i was testing this yesterday but unfortunately i did not have as good results later with this. Basically shapes were not importing after or with points missing. I am using the latest inkscape so maybe it has changed it’s SVG format or something and that could be the reason, i did try various different tests when exporting but although some formats worked better than others there was always errors.

So does anyone know the perfect format/rules/process needed to import SVG into 2.49? would i need to downgrade and be using a older inkscape maybe?

I found a better methods by exporting to dfx and using blender 2.49 import with the Autodesk DFX importer since it doesn’t even seem to work in version 2.5 just like the obj importer also doesn’t (are they still in progress or something?, the Open Asset Import obj seems to work however). It makes the scale huge although i will have to test using different inkscape project sizes as that should hopefully allow to fix that.

The other problem is it makes them just a curve unlike with the SVG (when it worked, sort of) which had a face that i could just extrude later. Does anyone know how to give a path/curve a face/solid fill as i can’t seem to find the option anywhere in 2.49 or 2.5 to fill but i am guessing it’s just hidden and needs a shortcut like many things seem to in blender but i don’t know what it is :frowning:

I am still having trouble with this if anyone knows. Basically i can get the paths into blender 2.5 after using the DFX importer in 2.49 and saving the blend but can’t work out how to give the inside a face/surface as it seems i have to select 4 vertices and make multiple faces. For anything slightly complex this is really annoying though and a load of work so im just wondering does anyone know how to auto fill closed curves/vertices paths with a face using a script or something?

With 2.49’s SVG it would automatically make one however that feature seems totally broken and the paths don’t even look correct when imported. Does anyone know a decent way to do this or work with inkscape vectors to extrude?