Svg Paper Print - Export to svg precisely

Hello everyone,

I have release new Blender add on Svg Paper Print. It’s export mesh, curve, and font object from top orthographic view.


  • Automatic create paper for preview purpose.
  • Works base layer, so it’s have more control.
  • 7 digit precise on metric, inch feet and pixel have more precise.
  • Fill object base material color.

I hope you like it.

Image above is created with Quick Plan.


Neat AddOn, I can see its usefulness. Though, I am a 2.80 user so haven’t tested it myself.

Curious as to why it only does ‘top orthographic view’. Any plans to add functionality to give users the option to export other orthographic views as SVG?

That would be useful to designers modeling objects not architecturally related.

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Thanks for your feedback. I think give option to export other orthographic view is a good idea.

I made option to export other orthographic view on Pro version.

Trial with a bit ads :face_with_hand_over_mouth: : Google Drive

If you like it Pro version available on Gumroad :

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