SVG Style graphics inside Blender


I always liked illustrations which seems a bit cartoonish and vector style. Many work I have seen with inkscape and illustrator astonished me. Since i can’t download inkscape for now, All i was left to do was to be jealous…

Recently I found several techniques to transform blender into an illustration program such as inkscape/illustrator. With special shaders and nodes I succeeded in several effects. See the image attached for this post - all of them are vectors in blender internal with no pixel based textures.

I’ll post better and more advanced Illustrations later on this week. So this is an experimental thread for those attempts.

Feedback will be appriciated (If anyone wants a tut or the blend file, say here)

Tutorial for this style:

Credits: The tutorial for illustrating the ornage and the speaker are from Theese are tutorials for Adobe Illustrator which I converted to Blender using the SVG style Technique.

Notes: I am planning a script for exporting SVG created by this technique (it will only work for illustrations that were created with this technique), yet it will take some time since I’m sooon begining the semester in the university and that will leave only a little amount of free time for developing this.


cool, I would love to see how a tutorial on this.

Nice renders but how do you save to SVG? I mean just because it looks like a vector image doesn’t make it one.

@Burns - I’ll make a tutorial :smiley:
@musk - It can’t be exported to SVG (yet, since I’m planning a script), however all image created with Blender without any image textures are scalable since blender uses vector coordinates system to caculate the shapes, and the procedural textures and gradients can be scaled.

I’ll upload the blend file later on today, and hopefully a tutorial soon.

Those look very good, I’m interested in seeing the blend file too.


Here is a download link for a complete tutorial on SVG style graphics inside blender. On the next holiday I’ll have, I’ll make an export script to SVG.

Enjoy :smiley:

I was also interested in SVG outputted from blender.
(haven’t seen your pdf yet )

I found this link a while back on blender nation

sadly I was off the project I needed for before I could actively use it …
hope it saves you time.
(course … recoding something new from a different perspective could be better sometimes :wink: )

Now getting exactly this look into a true vector format (such as SVG) would really be a true killerfeatur I had been longing for a long time. We are so close now. Where can I donate some money for exactly this feature ? :wink:

Great achievement. Dowingloading the pdf tutoril. Thanks.

nice , looking forward for your script .

wjy cant you download inkscape ? its available for all platforms right ?

go to and download it.

thanx for the tutorial

I have already downloaded Inkspace, that is a nice Vector Graphic Package, but imagin your Blender work in Vector? it won’t be nice?
@Lightening Please upload a blend file, Can you please experiment on this blend file and make it in Vector please.

I’m not sure if this will be helpful, as I just saw this on Blendernation (congrats, Lightning!), but you can convert bitmap images to .svg vectors inside Inkscape. Maybe you could export a .png from Blender and get it vectorized that way?

That kind of defeats the whole purpose doesn’t it? Otherwise why not do the whole thing in Inkscape from the start?

Because you can convert 3d graphics to .svg images that are infinitely scalable. Trying to do stylized 3d in Inkscape would be as difficult as drawing it out by hand - Blender makes it uber-easy. :slight_smile: