SVG texture image.

I’ve done a lot of searching here and there and found that there is no support for a direct svg as a image texture… or am I wrong?

With that said I would like to ask if it is the common practice for one to export your svg to a very large png “if you want a good scaling quality”?

Yea I’m new to blender but am getting it, but this topic seems to be stumping me. :spin:

Thanks for help/advice in advance!

It would be awesome to be able to use SVG as a texture, but for now there is no way to do it. A very large png would probably be the best way to go.

I doubt that it’s feasible to use vector graphics as textures, programs like CorelDraw, Inkscape etc. can just rasterize each shape for the whole screen, but i think implementing random lookup would be a lot more tricky if it should be somewhat efficient for things other than trivial files…it could turn out even slower than a complex procedural texture.

I mainly use SVG to get the outline of an illustrator file into blender for extrusion. I also export a PNG for the texture. They match up great.

OK, thanks for the feed back!